U.S. To Do List 2

U.S. To Do List

Not in order of importance.

  1. Abolish IRS and the 16th Amendment   Info
  2. Pass the fair tax   Info
  3. Decriminalize gambling and regulate   Info
  4. Decriminalize prostitution and regulate   Info
  5. School vouchers nationwide   Info
  6. Eliminate public unions local, state and federal   Info
  7. Decriminalize drugs, tax and regulate. Shift freed up resources to Rehab, Murder, Rape, Pedophilia, Human Trafficking, Violent Assault, Burglary, Border Security and Cyber Hacking.   Info
  8. Change welfare to workfare for the able-bodied   Info
  9. Abolish the farm bill   Info
  10. Abolish Dept. of Education   Info
  11. Abolish Dept. of Energy   Info
  12. Abolish Dept. of Commerce   Info
  13. Abolish HUD   Info
  14. Abolish Dept. of Interior   Info
  15. Enact Social Security private option   Info
  16. Enact Medicare, Medicaid and VA private option   Info
  17. Abolish federal education loan subsidies   Info
  18. Abolish federal home loans subsidies   Info
  19. Minimize regulations   Info
  20. Repeal Obamacare   Info
  21. Support politicians that promise to get rid of laws and regulations that are obsolete or ineffective, instead of the ones that promise to enact more laws and regulations.   Info
  22. Abolish Minimum Wage Laws   Info
  23. Reform the Immigration System   Info
  24. Abolish the Federal Reserve   Info
  25. Privatize the Transportation Security Administration   Info
  26. Abolish Dept. of Homeland Security   Info
  27. Privatize Air Traffic Controllers   Info
  28. Allow people to purchase health insurance from a State other than their own (across state lines) This way people can choose a plan regulated by any State   Info
  29. Repeal the National Defense Authorization Act   Info
  30. Repeal the Patriot Act   Info
  31. Pass a Constitutional Amendment for Congressional Term Limits   Info
  32. Repeal Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act   Info
  33. Repeal the 17th Amendment   Info
  34. Allow drugs to be sold that have not been approved by the FDA, label them: “Use At Your Own Risk, Not Approved by the FDA”   Info
  35. End all Foreign Aid   Info
  36. Close unnecessary Military Bases around the world   Info
  37. Treat gold, silver and cryptocurrencies as legal tender (not as an asset) for tax purposes.
  38. Abolish the Federal Housing Administration   Info
  39. Enact unemployment insurance private option   Info
  40. Narrowly redefine the Commerce Clause   Info
  41. Pay employees their full pay and let them choose to who and how much of their pay goes to their medical insurance, pension fund, and long-term care fund. Stop letting companies, unions, cities, states and the federal government mismanage and underfund promised benefits.
  42. Abolish Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and privatize deposit insurance   Info
  43. Rein in the Environmental Protection Agency   Info
  44. Reform State and Federal Civil Asset Forfeiture Laws   Info
  45. Abolish the Estate Tax   Info
  46. Abolish the Export-Import Bank of the United States   Info
  47. Enact a National Right to Work Law   Info
  48. Normalize Relations with Cuba   Info
  49. Require a 60% supermajority in the House to pass any new legislation and a simple majority to repeal any legislation.
  50. Detailed List of Government Agencies to Reform or Eliminate   Kerry Bowers Plan
  51. Repeal War Powers Resolution   Info
  52. Strengthen/Clarify the War Powers Clause   Info
  53. Repeal the Community Reinvestment Act   Info
  54. Pass and ratify an Amendment to the Constitution making the collection of income tax by the federal government illegal.
  55. Pass “Read the Bills Act”  (suggested by WFCKnight)   Info
  56. Allow student loan bankruptcy. 
  57. Abolish the FCC    Info
  58. Abolish the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)   Info
  59. Abolish Insider Trading Laws   Info
  60. Reform Professional Licensing Laws   Info
  61. Abolish All Tariffs   Info
  62. Switch U.S. to the Metric System   Info
  63. Abolish IMF and World Bank   Info
  64. Sell Off Unused Government Property (Land And Buildings)  (suggested by Mr.+FreeMarket)   Info
  65. End The Ethanol Mandate   Info
  66. Abolish the NLRB (and the NLRA)   Info
  67. Narrowly Define The General Welfare Clause   Info
  68. Abolishing Certificate of Need Laws   Info
  69. Abolish state and national political party conventions. Use the popular vote in primary elections for each state.
  70. Privatize the TSA   Info



U.S. To Do List
US To Do List

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